Books of Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif (RA).

   Here is the collection of the great muslim scholar and saint Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif (RA) from Pakistan. These are the books available on internet for online study and download. If someone has got books except this, he is requested to please share the link or can contact me so that we are able to enlighten the world more by the name wasif (RA). These books contain a world of peace, wisdom, satisfaction, blessings and much more. 

     Hazrat Wasif (RA) started writing columns for the newspaper "Nawa-e-Waqt". His about 5 books comprise of these columns. Then it comes his poetry book named "Shab Chiragh". After this, comes the "Guftgu" part of his life. These were the meetings arranged by intellects of Pakistan where he used to address them. These conversations were recorded and published in the name of "Guftgu".

            "Harf Harf Haqeeqat


          "Qatra Qatra Qulzum

          "Dil Drya Samander



           "Guftgu 20"



             "Guftgu 23"


"Guftgu 25"
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