First look at BANO QUDSSIA

Sometimes, I find myself one of the luckiests to have a chance to have a look of a living legend BANO QUDSSIA. She is one of my most favourite people. Her novel Raja Gidh made me Muslim from another prospect of religion.
I had been longing for a chance to have a look of her. Dream came true when she entered Alhamra Hall 3 on the book launch ceremony of Pakistani Saqafat by Uxi Mufti. Feeble but beeming was her face.
Two years back, I heard from a dervish about the signs of heavenly spirits. One of those signs was beeming face with a soft milky whitish look. And believe me, her face is same as above. I couldn,t let my eyes blink even while lookng at her face.
She was too ill to walk. Three persons were holding her when she entered the hall. But she bewitched the complete hall. She honored the event but every one over there felt as if she had honored him/her.
She is a living legend. And from that moment onwardd, I have started feeling lucky to have a look of this legend. May Allah bless her with good health and many more blessings. Allah bless Pakistan, a country of legends.

Understanding Qudrat Ullah Shahab

Before I write something about Qudrat Ullah Shahab, I want to mention few things as punch lines as far as my liking, affiliation, understanding and mystics about this person is concerned. I am not some literary or bureaucratic sort of guy. I am just an ordinary person and observations mentioned are sole mine and difference of opinion is always there as far as liking is concerned.

Qudrat Ullah Shahab
I was recommended by my father to go through Shahab Nama when I was in clas 8 in Cadet College Hassan Abdal. My father has been a high school teacher somewhere in Southern Punjab. I read it and things started getting lined for me as far as literature and sufism is concerned. I came across names like Mumtaz Mufti, Ishfaq Ahmed, Ibn e Insha and many more via Shahab Nama. 

Curiosity brought me across all the literary work done by the above mentioned personalities. And what I got was respect for Qudrat Ullah Shahab. There are few reasons;

1. He passed ICS examination and got selected as CSP officer.
2. He moved to Pakistan after 14th August 1947 and started serving for newly born Islamic state of Pakistan.
3. He served as DC of Jhang and people still remember him even after 60 years of his tenure. 
4. He supported Ayub Khan, so called military dictator. But one thing to mention that Ayub Khan was having so many qualities that he deserved it. I have seen myself people still praying to have some one like Ayub Khan. 
5. He was extra ordinary writer. Whatever he wrote, can be compared with top writers of the world up til now and time to come. 
6. He was a man of character and principles. Even his critics haven't been able to quote even a single incident of character failure about Qudrat Ullah Shahab.
7. He got himself inclined towards Sufism in the late years of his life according to his critics but as far as my understanding is concerned, he was sufi soul since his childhood. 
8. Parameter of judgement about some one is one's personal feel. If feel about that person is positive, he is right. His critics have never stated anything negative about him. Policies are always interest oriented and interest during his time was national and Islamic. 
9. I like him even except all above mentioned. 

Few days back I was reading a sentence on Facebook. If stated that every second person in Pakistan was Ph.D in religion. Although it was just a comment but a grim fact of our society. We start criticizing some one with out prior knowledge of his nature, his knowledge, understanding, environment, policies, national and international interests of that time and above all demand of that time. We are just being self projection oriented at such times. 

Qudrat Ullah Shahab with Ghulam Muhammad 
Two days back I read an article about about Qudrat Ullah Shahab written by some one on Rational Pakistan Website. It can be read HERE. My reply to that person who shared it with me was "Go and just ask the writer of this article about one thing. Can he just pass the written test of CSS??? If he is able to do that, I'l accept his point of view about Qudrat Ullah Shahab. If not, bring him to accept mine". 

I might be getting a bit emotional here but one thing is for sure that Qudrat Ullah Shahab deserves to be respected as a man of character, as a marvelous writer and above all a great humanitarian. Paving ways to blacken his impact of a Sufi bureaucrat will not suffice as Sufism is something like fragrance which prevails itself and can't stopped. So no argument from my side on this point. His social acceptance as a Sufi is itself and argument. 

Today is his death anniversary. I am writing few lines just to pay my gratitude to such a great personality. May his blessed soul rest in peace. 

One Second for Gaza

I being an ordinary Pakistani, am not in a position to go out to protest for the GAZA CAUSE, write something about their killing or something about the social and economical limitations put on the people of Gaza. But still I think I have few words for them being a human. 

As this bombing started, people started misconceiving it with the Muslim massacre. Muslims across the globe were divided into two distributions. First portion which included most of the Arabs turned a deaf ear towards these bombings and killings. Other portion got their feel for the innocence of Palestine intensified. They started using every mean they could to stand up for this Cause of Gaza. 

Protest for the cause of Gaza in Europe.
But as far as I believe, both of them lacked analytic sense.   

First of all, let it be very clear that holocaust theory propagated by Jews is completely a bunch of lies. They just used their mind to create a story to hit the iron while red hot. They needed a country, so they funded the 1st World War and then English bestowed them Israel via a pact with Saudi king after the fall of Ottoman Empire. Jews created their cause via propagation of holocaust through the whole world media. 

Secondly, being a Pakistani citizen I have never seen such a hue and cry on the media or any other forum over suicide killings, bomb attacks, terrorist activities. No doubt, It is against the sovereignty of Palestine but still there is something untold or folded. As I mentioned earlier, filtered, censored, desired and valued info is released for rest of the world. Media tycoons belong to Jewish community. So we watch what they want us to watch. 

Thirdly being a human being, I stand against Israel for such brutality. But I am unable to comprehend the complete situation. But I got another option. Lets keep silent just for one second for Gaza. I am sure something positive will be there for our comprehension and support for Palestine as humans. 

Evolution of Rhyme to Kaafi (کافی)

I was not in the mood to write something about this word "kaafi" because of many reasons. But I am unable to comprehend the motive due to which I am writing these lines. I am neither a Kaafi writer nor any authenticity on this aspect of rhyme. But still I am going to write my feelings about it. And the credit goes to a line "کیا حال سنانواں دل دا" by Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Fareed from Kot Mithan.

Khwaja Fareed RA is one of the most eminent muslim philosophers, sufi soul, scholar of art, religion and music. And above all he is the man who has been a motive behind Islam in Cholistan and southern Punjab. Just a line about Khwaja Fareed RA by Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal "Some one who comprehends what all Khwaja Fareed said in his poetry does not carry any motive to come to me."

I have been listening this Kaafi for the last four hours and still I feel I should keep on going with it. The wording, rhyme, and the feel it carries is immortal. It seems heavenly when some one is lost in the lines of this Kaafi. Almost every singer of sub continent has tried his vocals upon these lines but few have made it up to the mark. This is just because of the affiliation with Khwaja Fareed RA.

It is a minute sensation which lands at our sensory cells. It stimulates them but the nature of stimulation depends upon the words being uttered and the feel behind these words. Feel refers back to the writer. The condition, feelings, circumstances and above all the motive behind the words defines the nature and level of stimulation.

This feel can be written as poetry, prose or any form of art. But if the motive and nature of feel is heavenly, It creates same impact upon the reader, singer and listeners. Instruments if added in the rhyme, make it immortal if the feel is pure and heavenly. Making its way from poem to Ghazal "غزل" it reaches at the footsteps of self and soul where it becomes Kaafi "کاافی".

This is the Kaafi which has been written by Baba Bullah Shaha, Khwja Fareed and Bari Imam, few to mention. This is their feel which creates impact. If I am not wrong, they are always there if you just take their name while coming across this feel. I have experienced it so I am writing. This experience may vary.

Did you ever come across this feel??? 

Cause of GAZA

We are living in info era. Most lethal weapon, most precious jewel, most important priority and most monitored content is information. Time has brought social masses on such a point where they don't even come to know how they are being played with and how their mindsets are being controlled by international stake holders.

I am not writing some research paper on info security and its social prospects, so I am not going into the details of it. Just few lines that complete info on social media about GAZA is being filtered, and then released by Isreal itself. They are selling it to make few things streamlined for them. Complete info being released to rest of the world is according to few's intention. In short they make you see what they want you to see.

Coming over to Palestine, It has been under severe aerial attacks by Israel. Although Palestine has been restricted to GAZA strip now a days, which is on Israel's tables as a target to soften. All efforts are being done to bring it to knees. But there are few things which need to be given special attention;

Gaza strip left for Palestinian refugees which is under heavy attacks by Israel. 

1. Info which we are getting on internet about Palestine is 70% from Facebook and 30% from Twitter. Both sources are being censored, filtered by Israel and then info is released on internet. Rest of the Media is Jews backed. Only selected images, videos and text data is being released.

2. Only specific pages and groups on Facebook and selected twitter accounts are releasing this info. I perceive a team of social media analysts is working on this info.

3. Muslims are morally and religiously attached to Palestine. These war ridden images and videos are disturbing the whole Muslim world but only common man. Because except Pakistan, complete Muslim world has recognized Israel and accepted their cause. This is an argument to their own existence as country or as a geological and social entity. This brutal show by Israel is the last resort to segregate the few who are still out of terrorism label and need to be targeted  by torch bearers of peace and humanity in the world.

4. Gaza is last area to be captured by Palestine. They are just comprehending the level of international pressure and sources which jump in for Gaza.

So according to my opinion, we as Muslims have been morally and religiously pushed to such a level that we can't rise to a level as Muslim for Gaza. We have been info fed to such level that we have have forgotten our social norms and religious basis in the past few decades. And we still believe we are perfect Muslims. Foreign backed sectarian violence has pushed us to drastic limits of social inequality, lack of patience and religious harmony.

So in my opinion, If you want to rise for Palestine, rise as a Human.