At the Door Steps of Shaha Inayat RA (شاہ عنایت رح دے بوہے)

This is a bit common human prospect that one reverts back to the stuff he loves after going through something stressing, some lone walks, something too hard to pass or you can say something agitating in a way one's mind does not accept at all. This reversion time is too blessed if one understands these moments and reverts back to something heavenly.

After going through a hectic practical and paper, when I entered the resting area, I don't know why I was murmuring these lines and believe it moved me. I am writing all this stuff having these lines at my mind. It is a Kaafi (کافی) by hazrat Baba Bullah Shah RA which goes as follows;

بلھے شاہ نوں سدو  شاہ عنایت دے بوہے
جنے سانوں پواے چولے ساوے تے سوہے

These lines are just two rhymes I suppose for most of us. But if we have a closer look at our emotions, we would be astonished to know that reversion of our emotions at such stages carries a complete history and a complete way to go along in life. these moments are decider which way an individual wants to go, or wants to get his life streamlined along.

Most of the times, such moments are heard up above heavens because of the fact that we are almost done at such moments, and the only force to keep us moving is Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful. It carries our words beyond limitations and we are rewarded according to the words we rhyme at such lone moments.

I do not much about the historical background of this Kaafi, but one thing I am sure is that Hazrat baba Bullay Shah must have murmured these lines at such occasions. Plus these lines carry heavenly rhyme and impact which can make any one move at any time. Stay blessed.... 

Qudrat Ullah Shahab RA and Pakistan

This is a misconception regarding an eminent beaurocrat of Pakistan i.e. Qudrat Ullah Shahab that he misguided President Ayub Khan at many times regarding Pakistan and led him to such policies which led towards isolation of this country in the world and prolonged period of so called dictatorship.

I am refereeing to an article published in some newspaper few months before in which writer tried to prove that Qudrat Ullah Shahab was himself a shy sort of person and in order to hide his mis led policies, he portrayed himself as a spiritual aspiration later.

Qudrat Ullah Shahab in a meeting of UNESCO

Keeping aside all this stuff, I want to mention just one incident of his life which occurred on the last day of his secretaryship. He gifted a painting to president on which an Ayath of Quran e Kareem was written. It meant as why people didn't do the deeds which they ordered others to do.

Many of us would regard it as a normal incident but few points which I want to highlight go as follows.
In most of the cases in Pakistan, such dignitaries are not gifted in this way. Gifting an Ayath carried a lot to ponder. Then selection of such an Ayath which was specially meant to draw the attention of president towards such an important issue, rather an area Ayub Khan never paid attention.

I do not think such a person can ever mislead his president regarding such a blessed country. Stay blessed all of you...

Sanwli ka Ishq E Faqeer (سانولی کا عشق فقیر)

This might seem awkward to few but those who are in this way or have some type of sensitivity in their nature must have felt it or came across this feeling some way or other at some stage of life and their journey of self.

This is an April afternoon and I am just back to facebook to have some know how of what all is happening around me. All of a sudden a Ghazal catches me at my time line poated by Zaheer Sufi. It goes as

  Ik Sanwli ny Ishq kia hay Faqeer sy
اک سانولی کو عشق ہوا ہے فقیر سے

Well let me go straight to the line as I have been unable to go ahead of this line. This is all about love, passion, so called Ishq which starts and goes along its evolutionary stages through out the journey of self, the complete way along the human beings.

It starts from the ego, then enters love in the life of ego ridden soul to take it out of egoistic prime of life. Finally soul enters into the world of selflessness to make something positive out of this love. At coming stages the feel of selflessness comes out to be the prime of love which makes the lover nothing but comletely soaked into the love peace, harmony and pile of desires like a source of positivism.

Ishfaq Amhed also highlighted this aspect while explaining the evolution of materialistic love,s conversion into the heavenly feel. He also raised this point of ego. Here Sanwli and Faqeer both are same where Sanwli is ego and faqeer is love. And thats the complete story of Sufi thought.

تن مورا من پیا کا، دونوں اکو رنگ

So if you are Sanwli, give it a try and go beyond the limitations of life. Finality is Ishq and its worth trying believe me. Stay blessed.

Who is Baba (بابا)???

Few days back I met a dervish. Keeping aside his credentials I want to make a statement here regarding the true dervish, so called BABA in our language. It was a nice meet after a long time. Nothing special was discussed besides Pakistan.

This is a dervish I met few days back. Hazrat Sufi Aftab
Shaha RA.
But few observations of mine regarding a true dervish needed to be discussed and shared with you people. I may be right or even wrong too but one thing is for sure that I am an ordinary human being so I can make observations, which way It goes, I least care. I am just an observer.

The first thing I want to share about a true dervish is that BABA or Dervish is some who is just like a magnet. You are in his field, you would start feeling its effects for sure. It looks like you are in a field of peace, love, harmony and sympathies. You forget everything when you are near that Dervish.

The next thing is his personality. You look at his face, you are lost. Believe me there is a super natural power in his eyes which can make a difference in a fraction of seconds. It can go a long way behind the materialistic limitations. You wouldn't even feel it but it would have gone through all your thick and thin.

Third thing is a heaveny feeling. Dervish is never showy regarding his religious aspirations. But you woukd be in a transe where you start picking the logic and hidden meanings of the rituals. You start loving the religion.
The last observation is regarding your self. You feel like you have been seraching for this person since long and finally you are here.

Anyway, I may be a few steps behind the definition of sufi by Ishfaq Ahmed. But BABA is something which leaves its impact. The effects you start feeling regarding that baba when you are back to business. And believe me its ever lasting feeling. Stay blessed...

Few Words For Pakistan by a Dervish(درویش)

Pakistan, an aspiration more than a country, some one may go as a blood running in the veins of 1.8 million people, is no doubt a blessing. People talk about low economic growth, poor law n order, social distress, famines, political instability, terrorism and much more when it comes to Pakistan. But I would be sharing few lines said by a Sufi Dervish whom I met on the last weekend.

This might be normal for few who feel positive for Pakistan now n always, but for a person like me, It was too positive to shock. I am not narrating the story of how I met and where that dervish was residing, but want to share the punch lines he gave to me.

The very first point he shared was all about a Hadith regarding the rulers. I went as people got the rulers according to their deeds. He explained it the way we got the rulers who brought us to the brink of almost death. He said that all of these rulers and people playing their part in policy making of Pakistan were the moves of chess. He explained how some one else was making the moves to streamline things for Pakistan.

The next point was about the bloodshed caused by the terrorism in the country. He went in a way that we had to pay the ransom of what all we had done in the past. Secondly we had given enough blood up till now and things were going to change very soon. He said that terrorism was taking last breaths in Pakistan and things were going to get back to normal soon.

The last point he mentioned was about those special people who created Pakistan. He was in an opinion that Pakistan is being taken care of by those special people. And all those who are thinking and being a part of negativity for Pakistan will become victim of it soon.

Then I left that Dervish with a smile on his face as well as mine...