A New KAABA but this time in IRAN.

        Because of the Saudi government refusal to allow Iranian pilgrims to use the Hajj for political purposes.
The Iranians have a new campus and the Kaaba and Maqamee Ibrahim.

        Within a closed air-conditioned stadium, (Pilgrimage five-star) in Iran and asked the (believers) and (believing) Iranian pilgrimage to the hall closed and pilgrimage away from the Saudis.

            In the hope that in future Iran becomes the place for the pilgrims to go away from Mecca to Iran.
As coconut by temporary marriage insulting the Sahaba, and slander of the symptoms of Mothers of the Believers and the denial of the Quran and the Sahaba, and now a new kaaba (Astaag firullaah).

      Sufyaan ath-Thawri رحمه الله تعالى said to some of his companions, “Do you know what wisdom is? Wisdom is to put everything in its proper place – to put harshness in its proper place, to put gentleness in its proper place, to put the sword in its proper place, and to put the stick in its proper place.”
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