Revolutionize Yourself. You can do wonders.

    Small things matter a lot in our life. It is human being neglecting their importance and just aiming the goals in its life. This is a misconception. When some one starts thinking and observing, he surely finds the ways which lead to success but these ways always come from giving importance to small deeds which matter and create a difference in one’s life.

1.     Our gestures are the very first thing we must take care of. There are some people around us who are not much hard working, career oriented etc but they achieve their goals very easily. They are above all in any field of life.  The main thing which differentiates them from all of us is their gestures. Keeping a smile on face is something which can make our life a heaven on earth. Patting some one while passing by, passing a smiley remarks about some one is something very precious. It gives a sense you care about others. It will bring everything around you.

 2. Small deeds make you important. For example if all students need some notes and you are having them. If you put them on stationary shop for just one hour. So many fellows will get that just due to your one deed. As many people benefit from you, you get its reward from God. Things like this will make your life satisfied.

3. Never go for big ambitions. Always set small tasks for you in any field of life. It will benefit you much. You become happy and satisfied every step you take. It gives courage for next step. Always drops make an ocean. If you set big goals, you become exhausted very soon. If life being practical, nobody waits for others. This is competitive environment. Some times when you achieve some goal after a lime, you look at yourself and find no time to be happy and enjoy yourself on that achievement.

4. In life, there are so many people who care for you but in return demand nothing. These people are asset in one s life. This asset can be made if you present your services just for nothing to these people. So many people are around us in society who needs our attention. These people pray and wish for us. Their prayers always bring some positive changes.

5. Positive attitude towards our routine work can be much beneficial in life. It keeps us satisfied all the time. This satisfaction is first step toward success. Confession on something you have done can make you much humble, and more professional.

A famous Urdu writer Ishfaq Ahmed writes in his revolutionary book “ZAVIA” that when he was in Gilgit having job in Radio Pakistan, he got a servant. He used to do

Everything assigned to him with a smile on his face and satisfaction. One Ishfaq Ahmed asked him

   “How can you do everything with such a positive attitude and satisfaction?”

He replied

 “It is a ling story. I searched for satisfaction many years. I did not get it. Then one day while sitting in my home, I decided to go without satisfaction. I said “ if it is so, then let it be like that”. That was the first day of my new life. Slowly I started taking thing I way if I am to do it, then why not with smile on face!!! Why not with positive attitude!!!  This practice revolutionized my life”.

 Ishfaq was very impressed by that person. After many years he met that servant again. At that time, that servant was ill. But even at that time, he was in a state of satisfaction.

This is the whole philosophy of life. The age we passing, everybody is in a hurry. We want to be the first one at any time in every field of life. This creates depression, uneasiness etc in our life. Nerves are tense every time. Take a break. Think for a moment.  We have to spend the time, then why not with a smile on face!!! Believe me it can revolutionize our life.
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