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Today i'll share something a lil bit off the shoot.i hope i'll not disappoint you.
As i had posted earlier about ''why predictions fail'' ,today i'll focus on why sometimes predictions keep coming true rapidly?
Actually,according to me the manifestation of a thought or transformation of a thought/wish into reality is a complex set of factors,almost all of them are either unknown or unconfirmed to us.
As far as predictions are concerned,for them you dont have to be a saint with big beard to predict about some event or personality.Rather you must try to collect as much relevant information as possible and then b connecting the dots you can relate his future to his past.The beahvioural analysis of some personality may also help in revealing his stance in future because some habits of a person can change,but overall nature of that person can't be changed as per my opinion.Therefore the behavioural analysis can help in revealing the future of a typical person.
Actually predicting some open event is like choosing a probability among billions of probability.When you start filtering out probabilities with logic,you get closer to precision.
For example ,if i want to know that where shall i be 3 days later,at 10 o clock in the morning?by the rules of mathematics,there is a probaility that i might be sitting with any of 7.5 billion persons present of the earth,but since currently i have'nt any visa with me,so i am quite sure that i'll be here in Pakistan ,even after 3 days later.so number of probabilities has now reduced from 7.5 billion to 180 million,and since i have'nt planned any long journey in near future and nor have i received any call for job interview so chances are that i'll be staying here in Lahore.So,let's cut down the  probabilites from 180 million to 18 million.
And so on.....if one continues this way, a very reasonable predcition can be made.Actually many of us forget or neglect the events which we come across everyday,but they are stored in our unconscious,sometimes some of those factors/events/incidences keep telling our unconscious about the possible pattern of events in near future,and when those events take place according tot hat event,we think that our thought has been manifested.

This is just one of the many prevalant and possible explanations of these phenomenons.

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