When SELF is Shattered

The theory of bi-polarity when applied on the human psychology, there are some unexpected results. The existence of spirit becomes a reality and the new dimensions of psychology are discovered. One of them is the study of self. The word SELF may confuse you regarding few things like personality, spirit, the astral body of human being etc. But self carries unique meanings and horizons.

Keeping aside the psychological grounds, we can concentrate on self. Self contains the feelings like ego, passion, pain, escasty, craze, jealousy, etc. Most of the times except fulfilling the basic needs of life, we are just satisfying our self. This is basically the inner version of human beings. It plays with the outer version of human beings most of the times. It creates coflicts and contradictions which serve as the basis of most of the flows in the world such as wealth and wars.

Psychology, being torch bearer of the study of human beings behind the curtain of physical aspects is still relying on the phenomena of SELF. It has failed badly in the explanation of something beyond self. The question remains there "What comes next when self is shattered?".

The answer is very simple. The next is stage of selflessness. This might be something very common for most of us but what lies inside this stae of mind, no one knows completely. All those who came across this stage, they have been reluctant in explanation of selflessness. This might be because of the reason that no one except those who experienced it, can completely understand this stage rather this state of mind.

This is something which take one above the desires, needs, feelings, and all the negativity and positivity. Rest all comes with experience. But for all this, one has to make his self shattered. And this is I think something most difficult in oe,s life. 
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