When Silence Matters !!!

I had been thinking about the prayer and its all prospects. Although I do not carry this much knowledge and practical experiences to interpret and comprehend in the true sense but still I observe few things which I wanted to share with my readers. Plus one thing more that these experiences and observations are not athentic. Just point of view of a human being.

The concept behing prayer is very simple. Human being is made of physical body and astral body. The astral body comes from creater and is termed as soul. So the prayer structure is based upon all the needs, happens, previous experiences of soul and above all what are the needs of soul while being with the physical bosy.

So prayers are always advised and done in a regular pattern. But the silence which is itself termed as prayer in Islam got certain important prospects. When we are silent, our mind is stuck in complex situations most of the times. But we can make it a real happiness, comfort and new horizons towards heavens. Just try to keep your mind empty and keep on sitting idle for few moments. Then start concentarting upon your physical body and the creater. You will feel something strange but soothing and bewitching.

And thus the silence opens new ways, new horizons and much more. Give it a try. 
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