Deep breath

There used to be a time when i was living a life full of anxiety, worries, tensions, hardships and so called the diplomacies of sorrow. The world never changed but the over all impact of above all mentioned upon my phenomena of living changed.

People think sufism is a different philosophy, something  Related to the heavens. They are true as far as words are concerned but the practical implications are different.

Let,s  have a rational look at what a problem is. This is nothing more than a way of how we think rather 8nterpret certain phenomena. This is a common practice that we take the problems in a pessimist way. We always think these problems have come to become a hurdle to disturb the smooth way our life is going. This first thought completely changes the paradyme of thoughts concerned to that problem.

Guys a got a way. When ever you come across such situation, just keep few words at the back of mind. As our Holy Prophet PBUH said that when ever you are in state of despair i.e. anger or worry, just sit down, take a deep breath and have a glass of water.

Guys! this deep breath is going to change the complete problem scene. Give it a try and see what happens!!!

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