When Satin (شیطان) is Imprisoned in Ramadan !!!

The holy month of Ramadan is going to start tomorrow. This month is considered sacred in all sects of Islam. Muslims keep fast in which not only they abstain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk, but also they make themselves stay away from all the social and religious negativity. This month was considered sacred even before the rise of Islam in Mecca.

Satin is imprisoned in this holy month. But a question keeps on knocking the doors of my mind i.e. If Satin is imprisoned, why we keep on doing the wrong deeds even in its absence?

As far as I think, the negative things whether they belong to our thinking or actions have become our second nature. We sometimes feel proud in doing that. Sometimes we are confined to do that under social pressure, our existence terms and our soft corner towards all these luxuries and attractions. We keep on doing that making it part of our daily routine. Satin just shows us the way, the attractions and then hibernates. Its we who keep on following the wrong path.

This is sole my opinion based upon the observations of Pakistani society. What you say? 
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