The point where one can,t shed tears even

This is some what related to our ethical values what i wanted to share with all. This is sole my personal experience but i am sure all of us would have come across this situation.

I am currently based in Islamabad but my home town is some where in southern Punjab which is most of the time termed as slums of Punjab. On the gracious occassion of Eid Ul Azha i went back. Although i was expecting it, but not up to this extent.

Most of the transporters had multiplied the fare. I live in country side so i have to use the public transport. While coming across such situations, i thought the public would say some thing. Just once few passengers highlighted this issue in the bus but i was shocked to know that the bus crew made them shut up by quoting that no one else had issue with such high fare on eid.

The increased fare is something minor. The major is collective silence against the social negativities. As a nation it seems we are heading towards social, moral and ethical disaster.

A point where i could not even shed the tears :-(

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