Baba Yahya's Approach towards Sufism

Baba Yahya, a renowned spiritual personality of Pakistan, rather all over the world has been in news in the recent past. His approach towards Sufism has been being discussed since his book Piya Rang Kala made appearance in the social masses. What he wrote in his book has been worth reading. It's review can be read over here.

But there are few questions which need to be answered while studying his approach towards Sufism. Like his motive towards Sufism, his inspirations and his achievements in this field are questionable. But over I would be discussing few of the observations by me. This is not meant to hurt some one's feelings. But this is a sole effort to make things clear for him.


1. His motive towards Sufism carries controversies. Like Sufism is some hidden treasure sort of thing, which no one is either allowed to explain nor discuss in such social masses who lack understanding. How can he be the guy to make things open regarding him in the field of Sufism. 

2. He has written his books as his biography. But he has discussed sole Sufism in all of his books. And finally he compels his readers to believe in him via his approach used in his books. A neutral writer always leaves the decision to reader. 

3. He has used name of Q U Shahab RA as his mentor. But neither Mumtaz Mufti, nor Ishfaq Ahmed have mentioned him anywhere in their works regarding Sufism. Both of them have been very close to Q U Shahab RA. 

Rest all is up to the reader what he feels about his books. What I felt, I have written here. And these questions need to be answered to have credibility about the words of Baba Yahya khan.

Can some one here answer these questions??? I would be grateful to him...  
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