The Anxiety when breaks the self !!!

Something beyond physical aspects in human being is self. It is most of the times responsible for the ideological streams of our personality. Here especially talking regarding the spiritual and astral aspects of human beings, self becomes a bit more important. Because self is the player behind the decision makers of human body.

The external factors rather events and physical aspects keep a sensitive soul curious. Eager to do something new, feel something aspiring, writing the feelings and painting the sketchy feels, and making ways towards the new horizons of art and culture which ultimately lead towards the journey of self when become a bit sacred and pious feeling. The midway stage is anxiety when there is a feeling but there are no words to explain, rather portray this feeling.

Self breaks, and it leads towards more purified feelings. Because there is great hue and cry between the previous ideologies, recent feelings and the upcoming results which are quite obvious from the current events leading towards anxiety. Slightly the feelings start getting pure, the self shattering process continues and the individual starts moving towards purified forms of feelings. There is a change which one does not want to have but it becomes inevitable.

So the heavens come across most of the times if one keeps his direction positive. Perhaps that is the reason whey most of the writers and artists either turn towards spirituality. If the direction is negative and physical aspects are strong enough, one is attracted towards the demon and evil is the ultimate destination. It can lead to suicide as well.

This is what I feel. What you say??? 
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