Few Misconceptions about Sufism(تصوف)

This is not my line. These are the words uttered by a friend of mine who has always been special to me as far as Sufism is concerned. Perhaps that's the reason why people who know are not know. These are few left among us who have been consistent and positive through out their approach, and blessed too. He said and I quote;

"Behzad! Keep one thing in your mind from now onward. More than 95% of the ones who claim to be torch bearer of Sufism are not true. This is a grim fact of our society rather whole Muslim world. Because few of those who claim are right."

And this is something very true.

For Muslim approach towards Sufism, a book named KASHF-UL-MAHJOOB (کشف المحجوب) written by Hazrat Ali Hajveri RA, also known as Data Ganj Bakhsh. This book has been termed and categorized as authority in Sufism. This clearly states that Sufism or Tsawuf or spiritual journey is nothing except religion or Shriah. Because first of all we are Muslims, so we are subjected to Shriah. The comes every thing. So a spiritual mentor or BABA should also be judged or selected keeping Shriah at top priority.

So if some one claims to be a torch bearer of Sufism and he does not follow Shriah, he should not be considered as something. There can be few cases as liabilities of disabilities but still Shriah holds itself there. Second thing which I wanted to mention was love. It includes love for Prophet Muhammad PBUH at first. Then love for humanit and fellows. Finally this love is universalized.

Misconceptions to be continued.... 
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