Saint of Iqbal Manzil

Entrance of Iqbal Manzil 
Many of us have heard stories about Allama Muhammad Iqbal RA. People call him Allama, poet, philosopher, scientist, even dreamer of Pakistan and all such interpretations are correct. But one thing I have to add too which I observed while visiting his house in Sialkot i.e. Iqbal Manzil. Cutting the story short, I made it one winter noon.

It was perhaps least anticipated feeling which I came across while going upstairs in Iqbal Manzil. I was with two of my dumb friends who could stop me at any moment if they had come across any such feel there. So I have to keep it side lined too. Anyway the first thing I observed and couldn't move my attention from there was the housekeeper of Iqbal Manzil.

He had hardly crossed his teen but was astonishing lad who could move anybody into his field. I was at the last step when I came across his field and could not move ahead. He looked at me and I got my argument about Iqbal, his philosophy, his works, his thought paradigm and above all a glimpse of Iqbal RA.

Then he let me step. Things started getting shapes and foggy ideas about his dream started getting green. While coming back, I wondered if the house keeper is at such level, what would be the level of Iqbal... Might be some Mard e Qalanader... Allah knows better...
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